Sofia Gouveia and her daughters

How did Sofia’s journey begin?

sofia gouveia Mar 10, 2021

Just over a year ago I started a new journey. I felt that at almost 40 years of age I still hadn’t found my passion and purpose in life, and that certain things happening in my life were making me feel anxious and stressed. I wanted to go back to work but not just for the sake of making money. I knew that I didn’t want to have a 9 to 5 office job because I wanted to spend more time with my family, moreover, nothing that I could do at an office at that point would fulfil my purpose otherwise it would have already happened during my career. I also wanted to keep working at the company I have with my husband, qR Architects, and to do so I had to have flexibility, but I wanted more, I wanted to work on something I was passionate about.

I then decided that I wanted to learn more about myself, how could I find my purpose if I didn’t know much about myself. 

I wanted to go back to the basics and learn and improve myself so I started devouring audiobooks and videos about different areas of self-development to acquire more knowledge about myself and about people in general – how the brain works and how I can improve myself, I also started meditating. I started waking up two hours before anyone else at home so I could have this time for myself, this even during the holidays. I also did some sessions with my very talented friend Manjot which helped me a lot. 

Acquiring that knowledge made me pay more attention to the people around me, especially my family, and I started noticing that my daughter Suri, who was 7 years old at that time, was facing different issues that I hadn’t realised before because I didn’t have the understanding required and that helping her with this was something that could change her future. 

 Then I thought that like her, many other kids are facing the same issues and maybe parents, even whilst doing their very best, can’t help them, some because they don’t realise it, just like I didn’t, and others because they don’t know how to help them. All these crucial areas are not taught in school and are the foundation for their future.  

I, with already so much programming and so many habits, managed to improve myself, at great cost, not a financial cost but with a lot of effort and I’m still persevering, several months after I started. If we could teach and guide our children from a young age what an amazing world we would be building, what great human beings would we be preparing to be the future generation.

That’s when I found my passion and purpose. I wanted to find a way to help children and teenagers live happy, successful and fulfilling lives, getting to know themselves and making the most of their amazing minds.

I knew I couldn’t do it by myself, I’m not a teacher and English isn’t even my first language. Nevertheless, that burning desire kept growing inside me, and silently, because I didn’t know who to reach out to, and it would have to be someone with whom I immediately clicked with who would share my values and passion, someone who I could relate to.

I met Caroline mid-January at a common friend’s birthday dinner, and a week after I was having coffee with her, getting to know her a little better and I ask her if she wanted to join me in this purposeful venture. As it turns out, it was something she was also dreaming of doing. And having found each other in our shared purpose and vision, The Thriving Group was born.

A big welcome to the Thriving Group, I invite you to follow our journey and thank you in advance for your support.

Love, Sofia

Co-founder's Sofia Gouveia Family

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